Our Homes:   Board and Care Homes, Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills

We offer a warm and clean environment with structure and balance to meet each individual's physical, and emotional needs. We provide quality Assisted Living Care in Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills. We invite you to call us and schedule a tour of our homes today.

  • Arbor View 5

    Arbor View 5 is a beautiful upscale home in south Mission Viejo, boasting beautifully landscaped sitting areas and walkways. Our residents enjoy activities and socialization.

    Arbor View 5 Details
  • Augustin Gardens

    Augustin Gardens specializes in catering to the need of our residents whom are alert or have mild cognitive impairment. The updated design is functional for meeting resident needs while remaining asthetically pleasing.

    Augustin Gardens Details
  • Nana's Garden

    Nana's Garden has an open layout that is condusive to promoting physical exercise while accomodating a need for assistance.

    Nana's Garden Details
  • Arbor View 2

    Arbor View 2 is a mostly male home. We cater to a broad spectrum of both physical and cognative needs. Our sucessful aproach to providing assistance promotes dignity and quality of life.

    Arbor View 2 Details
  • Villa Regina 3

    Villa Regina 3 is a warm home with mostly alert residents. We have long term experienced staff and a wonderful group of mostly ladies that enjoy activites and classic movies.

    Villa Regina 3 Details
  • Nana's Garden 2

    Nana's Garden 2 is conveniently located close to Laguna Woods. The home offers experienced, long-term caregivers and a warm and friendly group.

    Nana's Garden 2 Details
  • Arbor View 1

    Arbor View 1 is home to many long time residents. We have a very sweet group of ladies that thrive on the affection and attentiveness of our caregivers.

    Arbor View 1 Details
  • Villa Regina 4

    Villa Regina 4 is a clean, well laid out home offering large bedrooms. We have a mostly alert group and a full schedule of excellent activity providers.

    Villa Regina 4 Details
  • Aloha Gardens

    Aloha Gardens has the laid back contemporary Hawaiian feel of a resort, while offering all the assistance our residents need to lead a comfortable and happy life.

    Aloha Gardens Details
  • Villa Regina 1

    Villa Regina 1 Details
  • Villa Regina 2

    Villa Regina 2 Details